"I started counseling with Julie Sponsler in 2009 because of these words on her website: "Julie is a down-to-earth, authentic and approachable therapist who creates a safe, loving space for her clients."  Not only are these words immensely accurate, they are what makes Julie stand out above other counselors.  She has been a real blessing in my life and, quite honestly, the best counselor I have ever worked with.  Julie is very kind, patient, knowledgeable, professional, and most importantly, instructional, in the way she guides me through difficult life challenges.   Rather than her telling me the answer, she allows me the time and space to find it on my own; and in my own way.  That is not only important to my own self-empowerment but it also makes the lesson more poignant and stable in my life.   Simply, Julie is the only counselor I would trust with my mental health.  I have recommended her to my closest friends and I would also recommend her to you.  I came to Julie a broken person and I know that I am a better individual today than I was four years ago.  My decision to work with Julie has been one of the best I have ever made in my life; and I have not looked back since.  I owe a great deal of my personal growth to Julie Sponsler.  I know I say this at the end of every session but . . . THANK YOU JULIE!"

T.D.  Associate Professor of Law



"My work with Julie has allowed me to grow beyond old patterns, to access and be in touch with my truest self, and to reduce my anxiety or find ways to manage it almost completely.  Her techniques and subtle, gentle methods have empowered me to live the life I want and to establish and maintain healthy relationships at work, with family and friends, and romantically.  Therapy with Julie has changed my life.  I am truly grateful to have her as a therapist."
G.B. Actor and singer



"Julie was so kind and understanding that I felt completely comfortable sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings from the beginning. She taught me how to be compassionate for and understanding of myself, and due to her help I am a much healthier and happier person. Mental and emotional health are invaluable, and without question Julie gave me the tools to achieve and maintain both of these things."

-E.C.  Attorney


"I came to Julie when, after 5 years, I finally gave up on my prior therapist, and a friend recommended Julie.  Unlike my earlier experience, Julie is there for me, not the other way around.  Over the past 18 months, Julie has helped me get to know myself for the first time in my life.  At the worst times in this process, when I felt the most alone, I came to learn that I wasn’t actually alone, because Julie was supporting me completely.  Julie is empathetic, compassionate, completely dedicated, perceptive, receptive, kind, gentle, and very smart.  She is strong, honest and forthright.  I know that Julie deeply, genuinely wants the best for me.  Because of Julie, I am finally beginning to change the way I relate to myself and everyone around me.  I will always be grateful for her."

D.C. Associate Professor of Law


 "I found Julie on the Margaret Paul website when I was looking for someone to teach me about Inner Bonding.  Counseling was not new to me but inner child work was a new chapter in my recovery. In a very short time, with Julie's guidance, I was digging in deep and experiencing profound healing around childhood abuse.  I am so lucky to be working with Julie.  Her wisdom, compassion and intuition create a safe place for me to go within and heal."

-Maria D, Accountant and Entrepenuer


 "Highly recommended! Julie was able to guide me to a better me by allowing me to find the answers I had within me all along. Julie was able to provide me the emotional tools that I needed to process things in my own way and in my own time. With her support and suggestions, I have been able to maintain a much more balanced life, recognize triggers and handle them when appropriate."

C.L. Attorney


"Family counseling with Julie helped my teenage daughters and I rebuild after my relationship of 7 years ended abruptly as a result of my partner's affair.  Julie worked with us as a whole family as well as in individual sessions to help each of us give voice to our feelings.  She made sure each of us felt safe in articulating what we were feeling and helped us really listen to each other in a deeper way.  Through creating a safe space, she helped us uncover and express buried emotions and feelings.  Although a crisis brought us into Julie's care, we left feeling more grounded in ourselves as individuals and in our relationships with each other than we had before the crisis.  Julie is a gem."

Kelley Collings

"Julie and I have been working together for some time and I could not ask for a more supportive therapist. Julie's expertise rages the gamut and she has been able to help me with issues relating to depression, disordered eating, relationships, and coping with chronic health problems. Because of Julie, I relate to the world in a more positive way and am able to take care of myself emotionally in spite of new challenges. Julie is caring, professional, and kind, and I'm glad I never have to find another therapist again!"

K.L Graduate Student

"My sessions with Julie helped me to gain clarity about my priorities and to move past some bad experiences. Difficult decisions haven't been the paralyzing experiences that they used to be. I'm better able to set limits with relatives and colleagues now, and I'm kinder to myself."

B. E. Business woman, mom of 2